Q. How do you pronounce “Ravington”?

  • While there is no pronunciation police out to get you, we prefer a hard “a” as in the word “rave”. Rave can be both a noun and a verb and we find it a festive word.

Q. How much do you charge?

  • Rental rates on weekdays (Monday-Thursday) start at $3,000, however, last minute bookings within 8 weeks are flexible. As there are only 52 Saturdays that can be booked during the year, Saturdays are premium rates, with Fridays and Sundays being lower. Note that a Refundable Damage/Security Deposit of $500 is required for all bookings.

Q. What is the Damage/Security Deposit for?

  • This $500 Refundable Damage/Security Deposit is returned within 30 days of an event provided there is no damage and the property was left according to the contract specifications.

Q. What is included in the rental cost?

  • The Rental Includes rental of the facility on the day of the event from 9:00 AM to 1:00 AM, No charge for use of space for engagement/wedding photos during regular business hours, Site Manager to maintain restrooms and misc. building maintenance, Trash Disposal, 2 custom made bars, Tables & Mahogany Chiavari Chairs for 150, a portable sound system, specialty up-lighting,  30′ of  white velour pipe and drape (to drape off between an indoor ceremony & reception) and uniformed police officer to assist with traffic & street crossing.

Q. Do you hold dates?

  • Due to the number of inquiries that we receive, we are unable to hold dates at this time. Dates are booked based on a contract and deposit check in hand.

Q. How many people can The Ravington accommodate?

  • For a sit down dinner and dancing with a DJ, we feel that 300 is our maximum. An event with a band would take up more space and would require a lower guest count.  For indoor/outdoor cocktail parties where there are not dinner tables, we can accommodate 450 people.

Q. The Ravington is an historic building, do you have updated power and air conditioning systems?

  • We absolutely do! And WiFi!

Q. Can I bring in my own Caterer?

  • Yes! However, unless prior written permission is given, food must be provided through a Catering company or restaurant that has Liability Insurance and adheres to Health Codes. If a full-service caterer is not to be used and food is dropped off via food truck or restaurant, the “walk away service” from Bohemian Geeks is required to do the catering clean up as they have been trained by us. We highly recommend you hire serves to buss tables as well as things get gross quickly. The Ravington can provide names of staffing agencies.

Q. What about Alcohol?

  • You can bring your own liquor, beer, and wine! Alcohol must be served by professional bartenders only. Bottles of Wine or Spirits are not allowed on the dinner tables or in self-serve tubs but only provided via the bartender(s).

Q. What is the parking situation?

  • While we do have Handicap Parking onsite, guest parking is across the street from the park and next to City Hall. Hwy 102 (aka Main Street) is a busy road and thus The Ravington provides a uniformed police officer to assist with traffic crossing.

Q. Your venue sits on a street–is it loud during outdoor ceremonies?

  • We won’t deny that we are an urban venue and thus do have some circumstantial noise from the street–just like you might have cows mooing in the background at a ceremony on a farm! One of our recent brides said: “I knew that the road was there, but it didn’t bother us at all!”

Q. Is a wedding coordinator required?

  • No, but we highly recommend hiring a professional wedding coordinator. The Ravington site manager is not a wedding coordinator, merely a facilities manager making sure that the building is unlocked/locked up, all Vendors are following the rules, cleaning has happened properly, etc.

Q. How many restrooms do you have?

  • We have four restrooms downstairs (2 are ADA), the Mezzanine Lounge has one with a shower, and the Bridal Boudoir has its own private bathroom as well as a makeup counter with great light and plenty of outlets.

Q. My partner and I are a same sex couple–are we welcome at The Ravington?

  • Absolutely! We want everyone to feel welcome and included at The Ravington, regardless of type of partnership, religion, nationality, etc. ​

Q. We want to elope in NWA, can we do it at The Ravington?

  • Yes! We offer all-inclusive elopement packages here at The Ravington and for it to be considered an elopement, all guidelines must be followed (i.e., must take place within 2 weeks of booking, limited number of guests, etc). When inquiring about an elopement, please specify that this is for an elopement and we will send you our packages.

Q. Can I take photographs at the Ravington?

  • Absolutely! Photographs in our courtyard and outside around the property are no charge. If we have to unlock the building and bring a site manager in, we charge $50 an hour with a two hour minimum. We do not book photo sessions more than 2 weeks out as we get last minute event bookings frequently. Please notate on the contact form this would be for a photo shoot.