The Queen’s Ball

The Faerie Queen is hosting a Royal Ball!

All Halloween enthusiasts, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Angels, Magicians, Wizards, Witches, Faeries, Magical Folks from the Kingdoms of Potter, Middle Earth, Narnia, Oz, Arendelle, Westeros, Avalon, Atlantis, Avonlea, Downton, & Bridgerton are welcome!

Don your fantasy attire and come prepared for an evening magic! The historic Ravington ballroom will be transformed into an enchanted forest full of wonder and wizardry!

The evening will be full of suprises and yummy food and drink! Each ticket provides food, beer/wine, a professional waltz lesson, and a smorgasboard of surprise entertainment during the evening.

ONLY 7 VIP packages are available!

The VIP package is tailored for a couples and consists of:

  1. 2 tickets for entry
  2. Hair & Makeup in the pure white VIP suite
  3. VIP balcony access with private bar
  4. Private dinner at a romantic table for 2 at 5:00 PM
  5. Private Dance lesson prior to guest arrival
  6. VIP Seating with the Faerie Queen at her head table
  7. A welcome bag with a custom made crown and wand


Q. Do I have to dress up?

A. You don’t “have” to, but it’s Halloween season after all, and your immersion experience will start with magnificent warriors with torches escorting you from the parking lot to the red carpet, so to really step into a Wonderland, we highly recommend it! Big thanks to the TCB Fight Team for going all out for us and assisting with staffing/security! We have amazing friends!

Q. Why are kids not allowed?

A. Good question! We are small business owners teaming up with some of the best vendors in the state and we are building what will feel like a Lord of the Rings set for this one night only. Everything will be luxury and magical, but geared towards grown ups. There were never kids at any Bridgerton Balls! We are, however, planning a Princess Ball mid-January for the littles so magical tickets can be given as Christmas presents!

Q. This looks awesome, but I live hours away! Why should I come to Bentonville, Arkansas?

A. NW Arkansas has so much to offer! The greatest mountain biking trails in the USA, the beautiful Ozark fall foilage, the world class Crystal Bridges Museum of American ArtThe Momentary, and some of the best breweries in the country! You’ll enjoy making a fall getaway for this one! Go to Visit Bentonville for more info! Exit 8 is the closest exit to The Ravington from the airport!

Q. Ok, I’m going to travel for this! What airport do you recommend?

A. XNA (Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport) has many direct flights that come in from most major cities and hubs!

Q. I’m traveling in from out of town, what hotels do you recommend?

A. We LOVE the Doubletree Hilton in Bentonville as they provide a free shuttle back and forth from The Ravington and the airport! There are also fabulous Airbnb’s all over our area!

Q. Is there disabled parking and entrance access

A. Yes! The entire ground floor of The Ravington is ADA compliant

Q. Where do I park?

A. Park across the street in the lot by the park. Magnificent warriors with torches will escort you across the street. There will be muscles and weapons for your eye candy!

Q. Will the food options also include vegan/vegetarian and gluten free options?

A. Yes! There will be mulitple food stations throughout the evening with many varieties to choose from.

Q. What about refund or cancelations?

A. If you cancel at least 7 days prior, you will get a refund. If the event gets canceled due to the wild world that we live in, you would receive a full refund.

Q. Is this a non-profit? If not, where is the money going for this event?

A. Great question! This event is being produced by: Amber Gustafson, co-owner of The Ravington, and all monies will be going towards a $10,000 property tax bill due on Monday, 10/10. Amber is a former celebrity wedding planner and is coming out of retirement to feed her creative soul AND pay the taxman. Anna Huynh of Dancenhance Entertainment will be putting her profit towards the overhead of running a business and hopefully going on a well deserved vacation!  Artist and spiritual leader G. Desiree Fultz will be donating much of her profit to her  wildlife, bird and nature sanctuary and an effort to rehabilitate homeless professionals and good families displaced by economic hardship. We are ARTISTS who want to create this event for the beauty and creation of it. We are all committed to being in the flow of creating a New Earth together and our intention is to bring the codes of joy, creation, and unity to the physical realms that we live in. As this 3D world crumbles, we are anchoring the codes of higher realms and creating heaven on earth. We are creating a portal to a magical Faerie Land on October 8 and you will be delighted at every moment!

Q. Will there be live music?

A. Yes! Oh yes! And in the most creative ways!

Q. So if this is a Ball, is it just old fashioned type of dancing?

A. Yes and no. We will have a professional dance instructor teach a basic waltz step for those who want to join. After a short waltz set, it’ll break down into music you can get down and shake your tail feathers (or wings!) to. If you have never waltzed in a ballgown,  you’re missing out! Bucket List time!

Q. Will there be flashing lights/loud music?

A. About 9:00 PM things will get a bit flashy when the dance floor opens, but it will not be strobe lights that can cause seizures. Think: lights that pulse with the beat/disco balls, etc.

Got any more questions? Email them to